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We regularly receive questions about our products, their use, their ingredients, etc. or requests for appropriate advice.  Auriga and its team of health professionals give particular attention to these questions and try to answer them as completely and transparently as possible.

Does Auriga practise animal testing?

European laws have banned animal testing for some years now.  Laboratoire Auriga tries to work with respect for these laws and for public health, which is why we carry out our tests in vitro.  Our products are therefore formulated in accordance with the safety criteria imposed, and undergo clinical trials to ensure and demonstrate their efficacy and tolerance.

Can our products be applied throughout all seasons?

As a general rule, our products are there for you throughout the year for your day-to-day wellbeing, without any seasonal contraindication.  However, there is one exception: This concerns our peel called BRA® up to 30% TCA.  You are strongly recommended not to carry out a peel during the sunniest periods of the year (spring and summer).  In fact, once the skin is renewed it cannot be exposed to the sun’s rays. In order to protect you, Auriga is pleased to support you at these times with its Melaclear®sunscreen.

What are our guarantees in terms of quality and traceability of our ingredients?

Our production procedures are standardised. Furthermore, the ingredients in our products are traceable throughout the production chain.  Our products are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice and with respect for European cosmetics regulation 1223/2009 EEC.

Do your products undergo clinical trials?

With the aim of being certain about the efficacy and tolerance of our products, we submit them to clinical trials (versus placebo, double blind, etc.).  The results of these studies are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Are our products suitable for men?

As men are listening more and more to their bodies, we have ensured that our whole range is suitable for men.

Do Auriga products contain parabens?

Some of our products contain short chain parabens.  We draw your attention to the fact that the latest scientific publications and studies carried out have shown the harmlessness of these molecules.  The presence of parabens in our products is necessary because their use protects the product against micro-organisms that can be found in cosmetics.

How do I apply Flavo-C® serum?

Apply a few drops of Flavo-C® serum to the fingertips, morning and evening, and then spread over the areas to be treated (face, neck, bust and backs of the hands). Avoid contact with the eyes.

How do I apply Flavo-C® flash?

Apply a few drops to the affected areas of the face (eye and mouth contours, forehead, etc.) and wait 5 to 7 minutes for optimal drying. In order to encourage the tightening effect of the product as much as possible, use Flavo-C® flash after make-up or any other product in the form of cream that can cancel out the desired effect, ensuring you respect the required drying time (5 to 7 mins).  Only a powder can be applied on top.

Can I apply a cream after applying a serum?

You can combine the use of a serum and a cream without worrying.  Applying a cream in addition to a serum is excellent.  For example, to offer you a complete formulation, we recommend applying Flavo-C® serum followed by Flavo-C® cream.

Is Melaclear® sunscreen water resistant?

The galenic of Melaclear® sunscreen has lipophilic properties, which has the effect of making it waterproof.  You can therefore swim without any problem, after which we recommend that you repeat the application of Melaclear® sunscreen.

When should I apply Cernor XO® coverstick?

We recommend the use of our Cernor XO® coverstick after applying Cernor XO® cream as it camouflages eye bags and protects the action of the cream.

Can I use the Cernor XO® coverstick several times a day?

You can use this product several times during the same day.

Can I apply an Auriga product after a BRA® up to 30% TCA peel?

 If the reason for your peel is due to a pigment problem, we recommend the use of our Melaclear® serum in order to increase and extend the action of the peel to this end.

 If you are carrying out the peel owing to the first signs of ageing, we recommend the use of Flavo-C® serum after the procedure because in addition to delaying the effects of time this serum is an excellent antioxidant and gives a healthy glow.

 If your reason for the peel is linked to the desire to eliminate expression wrinkles, as well as persistent fine lines and wrinkles, we suggest you use Aurigene® micro-emulsion P after your session of BRA® up to 30% TCA.

Can I apply Aureven® gel several times a day?

Aureven® gel can be applied directly onto nylon stockings and does not stain.

Could the application of BRA up to 30% be painful?

It is possible that you will feel a sensation of warmth upon application of BRA up to 30%, and possibly tingling.  Don’t be alarmed: these sensations are not painful.  However, if you have this type of reaction and it bothers you, we recommend the application of Chiroxy® cream on top of the peel, as it will have a calming effect.

Where can I find Auriga products?

Our products are recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors.  You can find them in pharmacies and health and beauty stores, and in our online shop.  You will find the addresses of the pharmacies and health and beauty stores selling our products in the section “Where to buy our products”.

Can I buy Verrutop® in a pharmacy?

Verrutop® is available in pharmacies in a packaging of 3 ampoules.  However, we draw your attention to the fact that this product is a medical device, which means that you will need a prescription in order to buy it.  Verrutop® must only be applied by your doctor, dermatologist or gynaecologist.

Is it possible to buy Auriga products online?

You can buy the whole range via our online shop on this website.  However, as “Medical Devices”, products that can only be applied under medical control, Verrutop® and BRA® up to 30% TCA are not available for this type of distribution.

What is the difference between Dermatrophix® cream and Flavonex® cream?

Dermatrophix® cream responds to the problem of skin atrophy, namely skin weakened by age and drug treatments.  The symptoms are characterised by thin, creased and transparent, even yellowish, skin with appearance of bruising at the slightest knock and scar injuries.  Flavonex® cream responds to a lack of elasticity and firmness of the skin which can appear after significant weight loss, menopause, skin ageing or pregnancy.

What are the ideal storage conditions for our products?

We recommend storing them at room temperature, below 25°C.  Ensure you close the bottles properly after use.


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Auriga International

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T. +32 (0)2 384 53 77
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Auriga France

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F-92130  Issy-les-Moulineaux

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