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Body care

Dermatrophix cream Aureven gel Ecla-Cell cream Si-nails tablets

Dermatrophix cream

Strengthens skin that is thin and fragile owing to age or certain drug treatments.

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Aureven gel

Offers lightness, freshness and comfort to the legs.

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Ecla-Cell cream

Considerably reduces the orange peel effect and remodels the figure.

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Si-nails® tablets

Si-nails® tablets constitute an essential nutritional supplement for nail health.

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Congratulations on your products. They are superb in all cases - many thanks again!There are two Auriga products that I use every morning with great pleasure: Flavo-C® cream and the Cernor® coverstick.I adore these two products. Flavo-C® cream is easy to apply, smooth and light, giving your skin a feeling of freshness. I also find it very...

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