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Auriga International

Drève Richelle, 159
B-1410 Waterloo

T. +32 (0)2 384 53 77
F. +32 (0)2 384 13 97

Auriga France

Rue Henri Farman, 86
F-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

T. +33 (0)1 55 95 00 92

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History timeline

  • 1997

    In 1997, Auriga was created thanks to the ingenious ideas of Alfred Marchal (CEO and PhD in chemistry).

  • 1998

    1998, a team of researchers was mobilised and inaugurated the first Auriga research site.  From the start “Creativity and Rigour” were the key values of this team!We were at the dawn of a promising scientific adventure, supported by the launch of the first Auriga product: EXOVA®, tablets neutralising bad breath.

  • 1999

    One year later, Auriga launched anti-ageing product FLAVO-C® serum based on active vitamin C. Flavo-C® serum has been the flagship product of the Auriga range since, thanks to the proven efficacy of its active ingredients.SI-NAILS® varnish was then developed to improve the growth and resistance of fragile and damaged nails.

  • 2000

    While in 2000 the first Patents were filed, the products took their place within the Spanish, French and Luxembourg markets and Auriga became “Auriga International”

  • 2001

    To best meet the needs of the French market, in 2001 Auriga created its French subsidiary: Auriga France.During this same year, a treatment was launched for dark circles under the eyes: CERNOR® cream based on vitamin K oxide, followed by AUREVEN® gel which deals with the problem of heavy legs by offering them lightness, comfort and freshness.

  • 2003

    To reduce redness, bruising and contusions, in 2003 Auriga developed AURIDERM® XO cream, the star ingredients of which were vitamin K oxide, vitamin C and vitamin E.In the same year, CHIROXY® cream was launched.  This cream offers better oxygenation to the skin and fast repair of epidermal tissues.

  • 2004

    To combat skin slackening of the face and body, in 2004 Auriga created FLAVONEX® cream, containing genistein.Still in 2004, Auriga decided to expand its anti-ageing range by devising Flavo-C® cream, ideal complement to FLAVO-C® serum. 

  • 2007

    In 2007, aware of the negative impact of UV rays on the skin, Auriga developed a product to limit the pigmentation process. MELACLEAR® serum prevents and acts against pigment stains (melasma, lentigo, etc.)

  • 2008

    In 2008, Auriga won the Grand Prix à l’Exportation awarded by the AWEX.   In the same year, Auriga expanded considerably with its entry into the Taiwanese, Chinese and Turkish markets, testimony to its smooth expansion internationally.

  • 2009

    Wishing to meet a well-targeted dermatological need, in 2009 Auriga expanded into the development of a medical device: VERRUTOP®, intended for the treatment of warts.Auriga also persevered in its quest against skin ageing by creating a serum based on hyaluronic acid to fill in fine lines and wrinkles: AURIGENE® micro-emulsion P.It was also during this year 2009 that Auriga entered the world of influential companies on a worldwide scale as it was floated on the stock market. 

  • 2010

    While in 2000 the first Patents were filed, the products took their place within the Spanish, French and Luxembourg markets and Auriga became “Auriga International”

  • 2011

    Auriga extended further in 2011 by penetrating the Indian dermato-cosmetics market.Still in its quest for perfection, Auriga designed CERNOR® kit, the only product on the market capable of acting on all causes of dark circles under the eyes, whether of pigment or vascular origin.And in the same year, it innovated completely in the highly specialised market of dermatoporosis with its new product DERMATROPHIX® cream, a special and unique product that restores skin that has become thin and fragile through age or through certain drug treatments.

  • 2012

    In April of this year 2012 Auriga released its brand new product ECLA-CELL® cream, anti-cellulite cream that considerably reduces the orange peel effect and remodels the figure.Furthermore, VERRUTOP® broadened its indications: in addition to treating skin warts, it also proved effective on genital warts. 

Your satisfaction is our reason to innovate !

Congratulations on your products. They are superb in all cases - many thanks again!There are two Auriga products that I use every morning with great pleasure: Flavo-C® cream and the Cernor® coverstick.I adore these two products. Flavo-C® cream is easy to apply, smooth and light, giving your skin a feeling of freshness. I also find it very...

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